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Procoma Environmental – About Us

Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health (EHS) is a dynamic and constantly developing field in today’s world. The increasing demand for EHS services arises as people are more aware of environmental and occupational health hazards associated with their workplace and surroundings.


Here at PROCOMA, we know how important it is to have safe and healthy workplace environment. We are very passionate about educating and assisting employers to understand and create a conducive environment at and around the workplace. Our roots can be traced back to 1994, where Procoma Environmental Consultancy was formed. Today we are known as Procoma Environmental (M) Sdn Bhd.


Procoma is a pioneer in its field, proudly providing specialist Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety services to a wide range of business and industrial sectors all around Malaysia. Over the years, Procoma has grown from strength to strength with the addition of professional advisory, consulting, training, testing and laboratory services, resulting in the Procoma business that exists today. We provide services within the scope of Department of Environment (DOE) and Department of Occupational Health & Safety (DOSH), Malaysia.


Procoma is specialised in providing solutions that will support your business EHS strategy and operations. Understanding needs, open and clear communications, providing relevant high quality service which meets expectations with utmost commitment are just a few reasons why many well-respected clients place their trust in us. Whether you have a specific risk issue need to be addressed, require a strategic solution to EHS issue or want to meet your organisation’s ISO standards – our knowledgeable team of consultants is ready to help.


Offering the best advice to ensure compliance, we help support your business every step of the way in line with the latest EHS regulations and developments. With close to three decades of experience, we have amassed valuable knowledge that we can share with our clients. Thus enabling clients to create and promote minimum pollution environments, minimise workplace risk factors and improve safety and health to prevent to injuries and accidents at work.


Our dedication to embracing new and emerging technologies is continuous. We are constantly investing in the most advanced and latest equipment for testing to stay ahead of the curve.


With a proven track record of working with many clients ranging from small and medium enterprises to large organizations, we work closely with our clients drawing on the synergies between our skilled and dedicated workforce and the utilization of leading-edge technology and equipment.


More than just an average EHS service provider, Procoma ensures legal compliance for all its clients through a diverse range of assessment and monitoring services while providing customer focussed solutions. Our priority is ensuring that clients make better-informed decision that will lead to creation of good working conditions for its employees. With continuous efforts to improve and a highly-qualified team, rest assured that you will receive unwavering and exceptional service from Procoma.


To be recognized as a quality-driven and trusted service provider in the field of Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety services industry.


Procoma is committed to providing the highest service standards with focus on customer satisfaction. We put our clients’ interest at heart of everything we do.


Procoma aims to continue spreading awareness on the importance of workplace safety to employers and employees as good working conditions are of paramount importance to us.


Procoma aims to continue spreading awareness on the importance of protecting the workplace environment and surroundings from harmful pollutants as a result of human activity.


Procoma aims to continue investing in people to foster the development of innovative, leading edge and enthusiastic professionals.